cocoxonut (cocoxonut) wrote in tanglebooty,

gotta wash those dirty clothes

what's the laundry situation at BUTI??
are there washing machines there? and do we have to pay for them? or do we have to go into a laundromat in lenox or what??

[they should really make the lifebook more detailed]

p.s. this is my 1st year at BUTI so is there anything that any of you would suggest bringing that they don't say in the lifebook?
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if i remember correctly each house has a laundry facility i dont' remember if you had to pay for them or not...
there are 2 laundry rooms, and you can use either, depending on which is more convienient...there's also a laundromat in lenox itself, if you feel so inclined to walk into town to do your laundry (i knew someone who did, heh) either way, you do have to pay for it, so bring quarters...

ohhh and bring clothes pins since you'll probably end up practicing/rehearsing outside a lot, and having your music blow away is annoying (or, look in the back room of the little red schoolhouse when you get there and you'll probably find a huge bag of them, courtesy of my mother...)
Laundry at BUTI leaves something to be desired. I'd just say to bring a lot of clothes. Also, I know that Copley has no laundry facilities whatsoever, only a freakishly terrifying basement that some unlucky staff member has to sleep in.

"Remember, BUTI is not an endowed institution!"
Umm, a Fan and lots of insect repellant. A laundry basket, and Dryer sheets. And Wrinkle relaxer, for when you just cant get to the ironing board....And a large mirror, you can go for 8 weeks without seeing your own torso
I agree with the fan, although I suggest a WINDOW fan. It's a LOT cooler than just a regular one. Bring snacks and such, but don't bring a huge bottle of juice or anything because there's no refrigerator. My cranberry juice fermented!
Yes yes insect repellant. Some people don't get affected by the bites but I was eatten up alive! I even had bites between my FINGERS. Once it gets dark, wear stuff that covers yourself! Which reminds me: bring heavier clothing. It does get scorching hot, but there may be a week or two in there where it's abnormally COLD. G'luck at BUTI. I loved it there in 02!
the whole time i was at buti i didn't do laundry there.
i washed my underwear in the sink when i ran out.
of course it helped a lot that my uncle lived like ten minutes away and my family was hanging out with him a lot, so i went over there, threw in some clothes, and then left.
but seriously, i was awesome. my roommate probably almost died from the smell though. (i'm kidding, anyone i know on here can vouch for my non-smelliness. the hairiness/dykiness, however...)

ummmm, bring trader joe's oyster crackers, people love them. bring candy and lots of water bottles.
bring a blanket to sit on when you have lawn seats, and possibly a blanket to put on top of you at concerts because sometimes it gets cold. once last year there were three of us, and we had brought a pirate flag that we were going to fly above our campout on the lawn as a joke, and we ended up cuddling under it because we were fucking freezing.
bring lots of money reserved for ice cream and pizza. i mean it.
Hey everybody. I was a composer at BUTI in '03, and Vento Chiaro is playing one of my pieces this summer. Just stumbled upon this so I thought I might post a bit.

As for the washing machines - there are a few sets of washing machines in the dorms. I know there was one in the basement of Groton and I think there was one in one of the girls dorms down at the opposite end of campus. They're your typical coin-op washers and dryers (probably $0.75 a cycle) and work reasonably well. A washer did break on me once, leaving my clothes submerged in 2 gallons of water. That was unpleasent, and I had to leave my clothes out to dry for about 12 hours in my room. I hope that doesn't happen to anyone else.