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every summer for the rest of my life

i can't stop thinking about it. walking back from main grounds.. joking around with the t'ang... waiting to use the lenox library computers.. checking out fifty pounds of chamber music from the copland library... dress rehearsals.. getting amazing seats at the shed.. ordering chinese and eating on the grass in front of groton... waiting forever to meet peter serkin/josh bell.. ozawa the most perfect hall ever made.. tinker .. post-concert treks to soco's... sunday evening barbeques.. hoose's thirty seconds of silence...



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remember how we had a "we miss BUTI" moment just a short while ago? I guess we're not the only ones! Oh summer of summer of my LIFE!
thanks for just making me really depressed. i can't wait to go to work at 9am tomorrow...

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I can't even go back to see a concert this summer. At least you can go visit......stupid Ithaca in the middle of fucking nowhere and stupid expensive gas.
ooof. my school is about a half hour away from lenox, and when I was visiting the other weekend, my friend (who is a pittsfield native) drove me through lenox, and we went past the tanglewood and BUTI grounds, and I nearly lost it. she's working there this summer, and part of me really wants to make it up for a concert, but part of me isn't sure if i can handle that. especially given my crisis as of late about music (see my journal, too long to explain here).
I miss Tanglewood. And the US.