Jamie (somnambulist112) wrote in tanglebooty,


Similar to Canto6866, I'm a BUTI '02 Alum (thinking of maybe being an RA next year...who knows.) My name's Jamie, and I was a Baritone in the YAVP, and now I go to McGill for Voice (or composition...haven't decided yet which to really concentrate on.) and Political Science. (Yeah Dual Degrees that take forever!)

It makes me so happy that there's finally a BUTI group on here. And i'm envious of you people who get to be in / hear the Chairman Dances this summer. I had to study them for my composition tutoring this past year and they make me happy.

And now that I've rambled on and made an ass of myself at 4 am...good night.


ps...does anyone here know what FOLT stood for? please? if so, respond and you will make my life filled with glee.
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